It requires courage


We should not be afraid to create our desired life. To do so requires courage.

This courage can only be developed by constantly making the hard decisions, and sticking to them even when it is difficult.

If we bend at the first sign of resistance, then we have not yet truly decided.

Today, build some courage by making a hard decision and see it through.

Author: mxi

Overcome it


Today, fight your sadness and your fears.

When we choose to do this, we create the internal belief that sadness and fear can be overcome. Once we habitually do this, that belief becomes reality.

In time, this habit becomes a part of our foundation. We no longer feel sadness or fear in prolonged spans of time. We now understand this as a fact: sadness and fear are temporary, and can be remedied by our own personal actions.

Today, and everyday, choose to overcome.


Free yourself


It is possible to be a slave to ones routine.

This happens when our life takes a pattern that causes us to do the same things over and over again, yet leads to results we only get frustrated about.

When we are in this trap, we usually do not even notice it. If we keep on pursuing the ineffective routine, we end up severely limiting our potential.

Change the routine, change the pattern. stop doing the things that don’t work and start doing things that will. Make the change.


The deliberate person


A person who deliberately plans the day ahead will produce more results than the one who goes through the motions of a mediocre daily routine.

What if we plan, not only the day, but the rest of our lives?

When we deliberately plan out our lives, we produce more results than someone who lives out a mediocre routine. When we do this early, we generate a trajectory that can realistically come to fruition. This surely beats the path of “stumbling into fulfillment”, which is merely a pipe dream.

Be deliberate today.

Author: mxi

Slowly, consistently


We should celebrate our little victories in life. We should not get disheartened if we do not get everything that we want right away.

If we are totally honest with ourselves, we do not have to achieve our dream life in one year. We can slowly get our dream life in ten years, and still be happy. We will get there as long as we keep on going.

In time, our big dream will become reality- if we consistently work on it and celebrate the small achievements. Believe.

Author: mxi

The power to break free


Leaders force themselves out of their comfort zones. This kind of power is accessible to all of us.

When we use this power, we tell our mind that we will no longer accept the mediocre situation that we suffer from. We tell our mind to break free, and soar.

Today, what comfort zones will you step out of?

Author: mxi

Perennial advantage


No matter what the advantages of others are, we always have a personal advantage: perseverance.

Perseverance is a decision, made beforehand, that quitting is not an option. If applied consistently, this decision can overcome insurmountable odds.

No kind of advantage can overpower the person who decides to stand up after every fall.

This advantage is available to all of us, yet not everybody uses it. Decide to use this advantage today.

Author: mxi

It speaks


The great thing about life is that the Universe speaks to us and tells us what we need to know.

Any decision we’ve made has an effect on us. This is how the Universe speaks. If the effects of the decision are not good, we have the opportunity to change and make a new decision.

We should maximize this great gift and listen to what the Universe tells us. If things are not going well, it might be time to let go of the past that is holding us back.

Listen to what the Universe says.


Want. Plan. Do.


After we want, we must plan. After we plan, we must do.

Beyond wanting something, we must plan for it. It is a waste of energy to want something deeply and not invest the same energy to planning for it. When we merely want, we just consume. When we plan, we invest.

Beyond planning for something, we must act. Many great ideas die after the planning stage. Don’t let that great idea die. To plan without acting is sowing seeds without harvesting. If we invest energy into planning, we might as well make it come into fruition. 

Want. Plan. Act. 


To plan with depth


To merely want is a waste of energy. If we truly want something beneficial to us, we must plan for it.

Meticulous planning is something we need to do. Many get stuck on step one of the plan because the plans were shallow or ill-conceived.

To plan with depth, we must identify the resources we need to achieve this target, and also map out the methods to get there.

Without accounting for the resources, we embark on the journey without supplies. When we do this, we do not get far.

Without mapping out the methods, we embark on the journey without a set of directions. On the first challenge, we find an excuse to stop.

Plan deeply by listing the resources and methods. By doing so, we ensure a greater chance of success.