“Fake it until you make it”?


Does this innocuous statement mean anything to you? Do you believe in what this means?

There is a hidden strength in this statement- as long as you take it the right way.

“Fake it until you make it” has been misused by many as a justification for using deception in order to get your goals. They wrongly believe that deception and lies are the only way to achieve a goal that is out of reach.

The enlightened individual knows that “fake it until you make it” has a different meaning. It means that one should go and do the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable and the challenging in order to grow and achieve dreams.

No one is born with all the faculties needed in order to achieve all their personal goals. No one is born perfect, with the complete ability to make all personal dreams come true. One must explore the unknown, the unfamiliar. One must put effort into doing something outside one’s comfort zone, until the new habit or skill becomes comfortable and effortless.

That is what achievement truly is. There is no faking it… there is only making it.

-A Garlic Man