A Good Enough Reason


We can achieve anything as long as we have a good enough reason.

The reason has to be a strong driving force that never wanes or weakens. It must be an ultimate big goal that is a revolutionary, mind-blowing concept in your head. It must be a picture of a great change, that you must follow up with action EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If we aren’t getting to where we want to go, it is because we lack GOOD ENOUGH REASONS.

Ask yourself, what are the reasons that drive you to wake up and give your best every single moment of every day? Is there a reason greater than that? Is the reason good enough to overcome your comfort zone? It is big enough for you to manage your resources, time and energy properly? Is it enough to make you be unafraid?

The way we manage our reasons is the way we maintain our motivation. Think of yours today.