A Plethora of Options


Either by life circumstance, or by focused self-determination, every individual on the path to self-fulfillment will eventually discover that they have power. They will suddenly lose the sense of helplessness, and realize that they have the potential to create and influence reality.

Once this power is discovered, a whole new plethora of options open. The powerful individual may choose one of four paths on a spectrum: to use the power to hurt others, to use the power to hurt themselves, to use the power to help themselves, and to use the power to help others.

This is one of the spectrums that define maturity. One may choose the most immature path, hurting others, or may choose the ultimate mature path, which is using the power to help others.

Have you found your power already? How do you use this power?

-A Garlic Man
(More on this in future posts.)