A remedy to anger and depression


There will come a point in your life when you will achieve something and you won’t need the things you thought you desperately need.

Right now, there are things that keep us afraid. It may be deep beliefs of what we “need to have” to feel secure and complete. When we cling to these kinds of beliefs, the “need” consumes us. When it starts to consume us, “not having it” will make us angry or depressed.

The only remedy to this kind anger and depression is progress. In time, with effort toward intentional growth, we can (slowly but surely) achieve goals that bring us closer to “having it”. Once we start achieving things, we will discover something surprising: we will no longer feel the depression and anger caused by “not having it”.

It is hard to understand this lesson until we experience it firsthand.

Let go of your anger and depression. Create some progress today, and see the difference.

Author: mxi