Abundance of Knowledge


In this day and age, you can literally get the information you need in an instant, and at your fingertips.

There was a time, decades back, that when you required information you would have to find it in a reference book either at a library, or if you were lucky, from home. Access to knowledge was limited to those with resources and/or a proximity to the source.

For information related to commerce, you once had to thumb through a hefty “yellow page” directory, and use a phone to get information. This made things faster, but access to the information was still was limited to certain times of the day and to the person on the other end of the line.

With the dawn of the internet (with the dial-up connections in the 90s), at its infancy, you could access information quickly and instantly- but was limited to the times you would actually sit at a computer workstation and log-in to surf the internet. Further to this, there were a limited number of websites that you could go to.

With this huge leap in technology and the availability of information, we no longer have any reason to have stagnant minds and hollow viewpoints. We no longer have any reason to be unenlightened and misinformed. We no longer have any excuse to have narrow minds and hold on to dis-empowering beliefs because of lack of information.

Information is now at your fingertips. Knowledge is power. Now that it’s readily available, what will you do with it?

-A Garlic Man