Alignment of your beliefs


The achievement of a goal, whether it would be a goal related to your finances, health or relationships, can be accomplished through the mix of three factors. The three key factors are the following: the belief in the possibility of the goal, the belief in your personal ability to achieve the goal, and the belief in your worthiness to have the goal manifested in your life.

When going for a new goal, along with planning and execution, it is equally important to solidify your beliefs behind the goal.

When you believe that a goal is possible, it will enter the sphere of your reality- as opposed to a concept that will seem impossible and will forever remain as a mere wish.

When you believe that you have the personal ability to reach a goal, the goal becomes the product of your own human potential. This goal subsequently becomes tangible and attainable.

When you believe that you are worthy to have the goal manifest in your life, you create an internal support system within you. This system will help you to first persevere in achieving the goal; and will also help you maintain that goal once it has been achieved.

So, when reaching for a new goal, aside from making the plans and doing the steps related to it; it might be a good idea to also align your beliefs with the goal at hand. Aligning your personal beliefs is a big step in ensuring the success of your endeavor.

-A Garlic Man