An Apple a Day


This is my personal tribute to a man who has indirectly brought me to where I am today.

Years ago, I purchased my first Apple product. It was an Ipod Nano that I purchased in Singapore. Excited as I was about changing the way I listened to music, I never knew that this product would change a lot about my life.

I am a seeker. I always enjoy finding new viewpoints and perspectives about the way the world moves. Since my work involves me driving around quite a lot, I listen to different audio books almost on a daily basis. The daily listening of several of these audio books- with topics ranging from psychology, relationships, science, business, finance, self-help and entertainment- opened a plethora of options for me, and greatly widened the spectrum of my understanding about the world.

This simple Apple product, and the other I purchased later on (an Ipod Touch), have been my constant companions in learning and entertainment. Without Mr. Jobs’ vision, I wouldn’t have been able to learn so much and apply these new insights to my own life story.

The building of my personal business, and also of this website, had its seeds planted by the ideas I heard and read, delivered through Mr. Job’s innovative products.

Up to this day, Mr. Jobs’ device is what I use to constantly update myself with what is happening in the world, and subsequently upgrade the way I live my life.

Thank you for sharing your light, Mr. Steve Jobs.

-A Garlic Man