Are the chains even real?


When we consider a task, a goal or a dream – there is a point in that mental process wherein we judge whether we can achieve it or not.

In this process, we may have the tendency to classify many of those tasks, goals and dreams into “the impossible”. We tend to entangle ourselves in chains, saying “its too hard”, or “it cant be done”, or “I cant do it”.

The chains that entangle us, are they truly there? Isn’t it possible that these we were the ones that chained ourselves?

There are countless tales of people who have been set back by many “limitations” that they broke free of because they refused to believe that they were chained. What the non-achiever believes as a limitation is merely a temporary obstacle to the achiever. What a non-achiever believes is an impenetrable wall is only a temporary discomfort to the achiever.

We should collectively begin questioning what truly limits us, and identify the chains that we have placed on ourselves. When we do, and break free, we attain a higher level of greatness.