Art and Intention


Two of my friends have stories that are quite similar.

The first one wants to leave her day job to pursue her art. As of now, she is planning to complete her work within a certain time frame, and then she will leave her work to get back to her art.

The other friend can’t pursue her art within a set time frame, yet. Although she would love to focus on it, she knows she will have to do certain things first. She has already a goal to reach in her work/career; and when she reaches it already, she will give more time for her art.

Their difference between my two friends is presence of a set time frame, but both know in their heart what their art is and how to get there.

Everyone has their own artistic side that needs to be expressed. Aside from the visual (theatre, photography, painting, design, etc.), there is also art in writing, speaking, cooking, programming, martial arts, sport, business, etc.

An art can be anything. To me, an art is an act of mastery that one can pursue with a passion. This is an activity that doesn’t tire the individual. This is an activity that energizes instead of enervates.

Sometimes, we are fortunate to be dealt with circumstances that allow us to pursue our art right away. But most of the time, the circumstances don’t allow us to be able to give our art as much time as we want.

The way I’ve seen things (and I may be wrong, but hey, its my blog), we usually have to deal with our circumstances first with intention; then pursue the art afterwards. If one can do both simultaneously without ruining the quality of either, that is better. But when the choice between the two has to be made, dealing with the circumstances comes first.

Both my friends are doing the right thing. They are moving with intention by setting a goal, reaching it, then pursuing their dreams. Their art is the art of living- mastering one goal after the other to get to the place where they can achieve their biggest dreams. We should look into this way of living our lives- because it sounds awesome.