Begin Anytime.


I stopped blogging for a long period of time because I encountered several crises that affected a very big portion of my personal and professional life. During this time, my belief system was shaken to its core and my values system radically changed its configuration. I had to reassess the goals I wanted to achieve, including the methods I needed to take to reach them. Things changed.

One thing that I learned in the thick of the dilemmas is that beliefs can change, and sometimes beliefs have to be changed in order to survive. We don’t realize it, but many of our beliefs are not working for us and may be hurting us. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to tell ourselves that we may have been believing the wrong things; and to admit that the ideas we used to reject may be better for us in the long run.

Another thing that I learned is that you can begin anytime. You can pick yourself up from the ruins of any defeat and start again. It doesn’t have to take the form of a strict master plan, nor should all the new steps be premeditated. All you have to do is make the decision to start anew.

As the very painful and difficult year of 2012 is ending, I have decided to revive this blog and write to my hearts content about anything that catches my fancy. This will no longer be a blog limited to impersonal motivational advice, but rather a blog where one random man personally journals his imperfect experiences; with the hope that others would get something out of it, whatever this may be.

This past year I have decided that my personal symbol is the Phoenix- a mythical bird that never dies, and always resurrects from its own ashes. Looking at this symbol reminds me that anyone can begin again, anytime, no matter what circumstances they have.

The crises aren’t over yet, but somehow I know that things will be better someday. If you are reading this, I want to thank you for your time, and I want to invite you to make a new beginning as well.

-A Garlic Man
Dec 31, 2012