Do more, get hurt, and learn


We cannot reach the next level if we don’t do more, feel hurt more or learn more.

It simply is improbable to reach a new peak without new action, an experience of pain or an understanding of the situation.

Somehow, these three ingredients lead to each other: more action leads to pain. Pain, when overcome, leads to more understanding. With more understanding, we learn how to do more.

Let me explain further.

Know that it is not enough to keep doing the same things over and over again. We must feel some discomfort or hurt to get to the next step.

Know that it is not enough to keep on getting hurt over and over again; like a victim. We must know why we get hurt, and learn from it.

Know that it is not enough to just learn from and understand a situation. We must act after we understand.

This process is the progression of personal development.

Author: mxi

The Time to Heal


We can all relate to the experience of feeling fatigued in facing a life challenge. Whether it would be physical or emotional, we may experience the feeling of being spent when continuously working on a goal.

There is a common saying: “Fatigue makes cowards of us all”. This can be attributed to the feeling of being burnt out.

When faced with such a situation, we must use the power of time to our advantage. We must let time heal our wounds, we must let time energize us through rest.

This doesn’t mean that we abandon the goal altogether, or give in to excuses. What this means is that we must remember that time can be used as a tool and resource to get us closer to where we want to go.

Once we remember that time is also a resource in this way (healing and rest), we also learn to respect the power of time in an active way (creation and production). In the end, we learn to value time and not waste any of it.

Author: mxi

How to escape a burning building – and similar life problems


Solving a seriously complicated problem sometimes necessitates removing ourselves temporarily from the predicament.

The temporary distance created will put the problem into a new perspective. This act makes any resource deficiencies more visible; and makes the search for resources to fill the deficiencies easier.

Let us put it into a metaphor. A person inside a burning building will find it extremely difficult to escape, especially when they have limited information about their surroundings, and they are under time pressure.

An outside observer (with blueprints of the building) will have more information and less emotional involvement. The outside observer will be able to map out an escape in a more efficient way.

When solving a complicated problem, we must be in the shoes of the outside observer, rather than the one trapped inside a burning building. To do this, we must consider looking into the problem in a distanced way.


“Failure” is important


Most people find themselves at the best days of their lives only after going through a lot of failures.

Failure, as an isolated act, is a mere attempt at a goal that didn’t work. Failure, as a state of mind, is the negative pattern of thinking that believes that something will never work.

We must learn to see our failures as isolated acts, and not accept as failure as a state of mind. When our lives aren’t going well, we must learn to see that we are not failures- we just were not able to get to a goal with a specific method. And that other methods can be explored.


Allow Change


It has been a year since I wrote on this blog; any many, many things have happened since the last time I sat down to write a post.

What of the observations that continue to amaze me is that, one year back, my life was radically different. Things have CHANGED.

With all that happened in the past year, I have gained a knowledge that where I have gotten to now would have not been possible if I had not let CHANGE to come into my life. I had to ALLOW change to happen.

Not all changes are good, and not all changes are bad. But if we keep on holding on to what once was, we run the risk of becoming obsolete and left behind. We also run the risk of not letting the good come in.

Change is a natural universal force that will happen, whether we like it or not. What is best that we recognize that it is there, and we allow it to happen to us. And with the proper AWARENESS, we can USE CHANGE to direct ourselves into the flow of energy that leads us to a better place in life.

Allow change. It has its gifts.


Forget 1998


Remember 1998 when the greatest phone you could have was a Nokia 5110? It was a new innovation in mobile phones, small for its time, with SMS messaging, and the revered Snake game?

When that came out, we marveled at how great mobile phones were and thought that technology could not get any better.

Fast forward more than 15 years. Those phones are nothing compared to what they come out with these days. Not many would have imagined in 1998 that mobile phones nowadays would have internet, email, multimedia, cameras, games, GPS, apps.

Life calls for us to be this way. We must never believe that the best we are now is the best we will always be. No matter how hard it may be to imagine, things can and will get better, as long as we habituate towards improvement. Let go of the past, and embrace the future.

The Resource Warehouse


When in crisis, the first thing we should do is take inventory of our resources. By knowing what we have, we can use this as leverage to get the things we need.

When we say resource, it is not only money. It also is time, energy, skill, ability and experience. Added to that, people can be our resources. Our friends, family and loved ones can magnify our ability and/or nurture us through the crisis.

When we know what is exactly on hand, we can find ways to maximize the value of what we have, and trade this value for the things we need. The creation and exchange of value is paramount to the overcoming of a crisis, and is integral to personal triumph.

Energize Yourself


Passion is the energy that flows from willpower. Passion is supercharged will, where we do not let our struggles consume us; instead we let our struggles fuel us and propel us into new level of greatness.

Today, you have the choice. You have the choice of living in mediocrity or the choice of living in greatness.

Greatness is not easy. Why? Because with the choice of greatness, we do not see the results right away. We do not see the improvement immediately. It requires time, effort, patience, and an unwavering belief in ones goal. It is passion personified.

Carry that heavy load. Break that wall. Energize yourself.

Sacrifice vs Suffering


What is sacrifice? How does it differ from suffering?

When we sacrifice, we give a part of ourselves now in order to get to something bigger in life. Its when we put in effort, give away some comfort, in order to get something LARGER in the FUTURE. Sacrifice is an INVESTMENT.

Suffering, on the other hand, is when we burn energy on the UNCONTROLLABLE. It is when we want to put things desperately under control RIGHT NOW, when we aren’t ready yet. It is when we fail to realize that growth takes time and yet want our problems and issues alleviated RIGHT AWAY. Suffering is mere CONSUMPTION.

We should ask ourselves if we are suffering, or sacrificing. We should identify if we are consuming our resources, or investing with them.

Look toward the future, look toward the long-term, and there shall we find our answers.


A Good Enough Reason


We can achieve anything as long as we have a good enough reason.

The reason has to be a strong driving force that never wanes or weakens. It must be an ultimate big goal that is a revolutionary, mind-blowing concept in your head. It must be a picture of a great change, that you must follow up with action EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If we aren’t getting to where we want to go, it is because we lack GOOD ENOUGH REASONS.

Ask yourself, what are the reasons that drive you to wake up and give your best every single moment of every day? Is there a reason greater than that? Is the reason good enough to overcome your comfort zone? It is big enough for you to manage your resources, time and energy properly? Is it enough to make you be unafraid?

The way we manage our reasons is the way we maintain our motivation. Think of yours today.