Confounded vs. Enlightened


The difference between the confounded and the enlightened individual lies in the way they view gargantuan challenges.

A confounded individual takes one look at a huge challenge and immediately thinks of excuses of why that particular challenge cannot be hurdled. This sort of person immediately creeps inside a psychological shell, accepts the impossibility of things, and indulges in escapism in order to remove the image of the challenge inside their head. Even before any action is attempted, this sad person creates justifications for not being courageous enough.

The enlightened looks at things very differently.

The enlightened individual looks at a gargantuan challenge and right off the bat, visualizes how much conquering that challenge will bring their lofty dreams closer within reach. By aligning the challenge with their dreams, they are fueled by an undying passion to overcome the impediment in front of them. This passion activates the higher functions of their mind, and systematically breaks down the challenge into smaller, manageable pieces. And one by one, the enlightened conquers smaller pieces of the challenge until there is no more hindrance to his success.

The world needs more enlightened individuals to make it a better place. Can you be one?

-A Garlic Man