Crawl First, then Fly


Everyone once had grand dreams that were bigger than themselves. These were dreams that seemed so exciting and vibrant; but through the numbing process of time, and the disappointing influence of reality, these dreams have become seemingly impossible.

You may have had a grand vision of yourself that seemed so great and once moved you; but now, these dreams have been relegated to the attic of the mind- where things are shelved, put into boxes, gather dust and are forgotten.

You must remember that these dreams are not impossible. These dreams are in fact, reachable and attainable.

In order to do this, you must know that you should learn to crawl first before you can fly. Day by day, you must put a little bit into the dream.

The dream will not happen overnight, nor will it effortlessly fall into your lap. You will have to go through the process of preparation for that dream.

You must uneasily CRAWL first, not sure of how to get there, setting goals that are seemingly impossible.

You must slowly be able to STAND, making yourself firm and resolute, breaking old habits and replacing them with new, empowering ones.

You must start a wobbly WALK, constantly taking actions towards mastery of that dream.

You must confidently RUN, keeping the dream alive while tirelessly going for it to become a reality.

 Then you can FLY, soaring high, achieving the dream and looking at greater horizons.

 By accepting the fact that you will have to prepare and that you will have to go through a process before that dream comes to pass; that beautiful dream, that wonderful inception, will surely become possible.

 – A Garlic Man