Do not be a “Someday Person”


When reaching for a goal, do you put a time deadline on it?

We live in a world where time is a measure of reality. The best way to be able to make goals happen is to create them with a time frame.

Do not get into the trap of being a “someday” person. Do not say: “Someday I’ll be wealthy”; “Someday I’ll have healthier habits”; “Someday I will get my dream house.” “Someday I’ll free myself from this addiction”. And so on and so forth.

Your deadline does not have to be set in stone, but there has to be a general sense of when it will become real for you. Because when you create a timeline for your goals, you are making it cross over from a concept in your mind into a possibility. Furthermore, you are also creating an internal motivation for yourself to ACT.

If you fail to meet the goal in time, it is okay. You can always readjust your deadline. What matters is that you make a deadline at all.

So before this day ends, why don’t you ask yourself: “have I put a deadline on my bigger goals?”

Do not wish for a “someday”. Goals are dreams with a deadline.

-A Garlic Man