Dreaming for “Just Enough”?


How big is your biggest dream?

Are you the type of dreamer who dreams for only getting by, paying the bills, having a little bit of happiness, and making it through the day? Are you the type who dreams for “just enough”?

Do not keep you dreams small just to avoid disappointment. Do not minimize the scope of your vision just because you do not believe that you can achieve more.

When a person anchors himself or herself to a small dream, they easily succumb to giving up because the first sign of disappointment becomes expected, and automatically used as a justification not to dream further or bigger. When things don’t go their way, small dreamers say: “I knew it, I shouldn’t aspire for more; this is only as far as I go.”

Conversely, when a person anchors himself to a dream of something grand, something exquisite and colossal; the person is able to make it through many disappointments because they truly believe that there is more. A disappointment merely becomes a trifle matter, because they believe that with dreams of greater magnitude, small slip-ups are inevitable and must be dealt with, without giving up. A big dreamer sees a disappointment and says: “Well, with a dream this big, there will be some delays- I better find a better route to my big dream.”

How big should the dream be? The bigger the better.

-A Garlic Man