Everything Will Fall Into Place


How many times have you faced adversity and told yourself that you are not enough to answer this challenge?

When you feel this way, I want you to remember a time, a few years back when you were less of a person then who you are now. Has not that person you call your past self grown so much in belief and ability? Has not that person become able to survive, strive and stand where you are today? Has not that person become able to become the better person who you are today?

Remember that you will never instantly be everything you want to be. But as long as you never give up and constantly move forward, you will eventually get to where you want to go, and become who you want to be.

Know this as truth: several years from now, you will be facing challenges you never thought you would face, and yet you will face them confidently, knowing that you were once who you are today.

Respect the process of growth and you will receive a never-ending strength to reach your aspirations. Everything will fall into place.

-A Garlic Man