Extend Your Time Perspective


Are you feeling really low right now? If yes, read this.

When we feel in a rut, or when everything seems really bad and you feel that there’s is no escape from whatever predicament you’re in, I would like to suggest a surefire way to feel better.

Extend your time perspective.

No matter how bad you feel, no matter how hard things may be, know that it will get better.

Imagine your life as one long line that spans an entire great length. Where you are is simply a small point on that line. Imagine yourself floating from this point in time, and visualize a whole future unfolding in front of you.

There will still be many opportunities to enjoy, and so many other points along the way. I know that where you are, it seems that it all ends -but know that it never ends until our dying day. The next second, minute, hour, day, month, and year will be a movement into the future; and you will always have the initiative to change your future. This is a power inherent in you.

Sometime in the future there will come a point, whether sooner or longer, that you will merely look back at the point where you are now, smile, and say “I endured that.”

So relax, know that things will get better, and enjoy the ride. Nothing can hold you down. This too shall pass.

-A Garlic Man