Fearless Without a Map


Have you ever visited a place totally unknown to you, and still be able to enjoy the journey despite the initial anxiety of entering an area that is totally unfamiliar?

Great explorers have several characteristics in common: they go places, without any guidance, without the usual supports, oblivious to all fear, with the intent to get through and survive.

Living an abundant and successful life is similar to the experience of a great explorer: you have no map.

Success would not be rare and valuable if it was easy. If success was devoid of difficulty, everyone would be successful! Yet there are only a few enlightened to the fact that success is a journey without a map.

People tend to freeze at the prospect of doing something sans a map. Everyone would like to look for a set of instructions or directions. Why? They would like to have ASSURANCE. They want to be assured of success. At the very least, they would like to have someone or something to blame if things don’t go their way. If failure ensues, these people can always “blame the map” for being inaccurate.

Understand that success is not a journey that is paved with assurance. The only benchmark you have is the amount of growth you have over a period of time. Do you think the greatest people you admire in your life were born with a set of instructions to get to where they are now? No! They got to success beginning the journey not knowing how to get there, but still went the distance.

Be not afraid when you are faced with a task you do not know how to handle; success is a journey without a map.

-A Garlic Man