Fight Damnit, Fight


There will be times when you will get really disappointed.

Sometimes, despite all your optimism, effort and hope, life will shoot you down and disappoint you in many bitter ways.

What can one do in times like these?

A common reaction to these situations is to slump into a psychological “fetal position”, isolate ourselves, and bemoan how the world has treated us badly. Like worms of the earth, we squirm and lament our circumstances and bathe in a cesspool of self-pity. This is victimhood.

There is another possible response to a grave disappointment. This response is difficult, because it requires us to expend even more of the seemingly depleted energy and leaves us at risk to even more suffocating disappointment. This response is simple: stand up and fight.

No matter how grave the situation, standing up and fighting will always be better than being the victim. “The fight” is not about violence, nor is it about blind rage, and not at all about self-destruction. “The fight” is about gathering up any remaining energy, creating self-motivation out of the void, and making a rock-solid decision about the situation at hand.

Sometimes the fight consists of working harder, working wiser, asking for help or even totally dropping the problem that can’t be solved for now. Whatever the choice, it is your choice, and  isn’t something forced upon you. Instead of things happening to you, you choose to respond with action, thus avoiding the slippery slope of desperate victim thinking.

Fight damnit, fight.

-A Garlic Man