Free at Last


“Free yourself! There is more to life than your self-imposed prison.”

Do you feel like a prisoner of life?

Inside the prison we call mediocrity, we are captured and incarcerated by our own fears and limitations. We enclose and isolate ourselves from the abundance of life.

The “prison” may feel comfortable to most: there is adequate resource for a sustainable living with enough food, water and shelter to tide one over. Inside this “prison”, there is not much responsibility and all you have to do is go through the motions of life until your time has been served. But, despite the comfort that the “prison” brings, despite the feeling of having enough, everyone inside peers out the window, catches a glimpse of light, and wonders if there is something more to living.

 Free yourself! There is more to life than your self-imposed prison. Break down the walls of fear and mistrust. Break down the self-made barriers, and make yourself a self-made person.

 The only person who imprisoned you is yourself. All you have to do is walk out of the mediocrity.

 Free at Last.

-A Garlic Man