Giving is Better than Taking


Giving is an action that makes one individual bestow value to another without expecting equal, or even any, recompense.

Giving is shunned by many who believe that the act leads to a state of being diminished. Instead of being givers, those who fear the idea of being diminished choose to be takers; and want their needs satisfied through the actions of others. This kind of mindset may lead to narcissism.

In today’s society, where many people believe that there is an inherent scarcity in the world, how can giving be better than taking?

Giving is better than taking because it proves that the giver has the capacity to create value.

The difference between the giver and the taker is seen in the ability to create. The givers by their actions display that they have the ability to create value, and that ability builds character and the foundation for success. The taker, on the other hand, displays an inability to create value, thus forming a need to horde value from others. In time, the prolonged act of taking destroys character because the taker often becomes dependent, and sometimes obnoxious when their source of wellbeing becomes threatened.

Know that all of us are both givers and takers, at certain points of our lives. Knowing the inherent worth of giving makes us conscious about the value we create, and the eventual future that we build.

-A Garlic Man