Going Full Circle


There are people that we truly love or truly care about. These are the people that we would have no qualms about giving our time and effort to. When they are happy, we are happy. When they are sad or hurt, we get sad and hurt too.

To protect these people, we do everything in our power to support them. We nurture, we give advice, we provide for, just so that they will never have to feel the pain caused by the negative forces in the world that we are well aware about.

Sometimes, these people will still not recognize what you have been doing. Despite your honest effort, they want to assert doing things their way, though you already know by experience that what they want to do will almost certainly lead to the pain and failure you were protecting them from.

Realize that everyone is free. As much as you are free to love this person, they are also free to do what they want.

Some people really have to go through the full circle in order to learn a lesson, or appreciate your effort. Some people need to actually experience pain, failure and loss; in order to value what they already have, and learn a new life lesson.

So, if the person you care for would like to learn more about the world, let them. In the end, you can welcome them back with open arms when they have already found the wisdom that they seek by going full circle.

-A Garlic Man