Holding the Right Map


I recently opened one of my older devices that had a map feature on it. But since this excellent device is a bit old (I purchased it 2 years ago but still use it now), it did not have a Global Positioning System chip (GPS) in it.

Out of curiosity, I used this device to track my location. Without the capability of GPS, it told me I was in the middle of Baodao Park in China! I looked out the window just to confirm that I was still actually in Manila, Philippines.

What this tiny little experience reminded me is the fact that unless we have the right maps, we cannot get to where we want to go. If you were given a map of Shanghai, China and were told to visit Ayala Avenue in the Philippines, no matter what way you would view the map, you would still get incorrect results.

This is the same with our goals in life. We often have big dreams and lofty ambitions. Unfortunately, we sometimes do not have the proper “map” to get to where we want to go. We may have held to a wrong “map”- a wrong set of beliefs or perspectives that aren’t helpful for us to achieve our goals. Because of this, no matter how hard we try, no matter how many “right turns” we take, we are still unable to reach our destination in the form of achievement.

From time to time, we must ask ourselves if we have equipped ourselves with the correct “maps” so that our efforts do not go to waste.

-A Garlic Man