In the field of business and career, excellence is demanded by the market. The products and services that we constantly patronize are those that reap the benefits of sustained and increasing excellence. Would you go to a certain business or establishment if you new that they never improved, or do not place value on excellence?

As an individual, you may use this knowledge to your advantage. You see, as an individual, the world is your marketplace. With whatever you do (your “business”), the world (the “market”) will either reward you, or ignore you. You may be patronized by or be avoided by your “customers”.

The true way to become successful is to become irreplaceable.

When an individual always excels and grows outside their current comfort zones, they are always able to produce more value. This is not easy because being irreplaceable requires constant growth, and therefore, constant effort. But when you are able to achieve being irreplaceable, the world always finds a place where it can reward the value that you offer, by giving you more of whatever you seek.

With whatever role you play in life, as long as you make yourself “irreplaceable”, you will always find more rewards.

 -A Garlic Man