Magnificent Flight


Watching an aircraft from a distance, ascending towards the night sky is quite a sight. Its lights are flashing from miles away, as it gracefully climbs higher and higher.

A thought passed my mind. Today, an airplane is an ubiquitous sight, rarely given notice.

Imagine what people from a hundred years ago would think if they saw such a sight during their times. They would have felt touched by God and they would marvel in awe at the vision of the huge contraption, conquering the skies.

Our lives often resemble flight, but we never take notice. If we went back to who we were a few years back, we would also marvel in magnificence with who we are now.

While treading the path of growth and achievement, our focus on our grand goal must never make us take for granted the growth that we have already achieved. From time to time, we must appreciate our own accomplishments.

-A Garlic Man