Navigating a Flood


A few days back, I was driving in traffic when torrential rain suddenly poured. This was the strongest rain I have ever encountered while driving. In a few minutes, the streets started to flood. I couldn’t see more than 3 meters ahead of me, even with headlights on. Water was rising and threatening the vehicles stuck on the street. In the driving patterns of the motorists, there was obvious fear. Motorists started swerving, cutting other vehicles off, speeding up and suddenly braking.

Many motorists, including myself, were taking detours. The usual routes could not be passed anymore, because of the flooded streets. Some detours led to worse streets, while some detours got motorists moving faster out of the flooded areas.

It was a harrowing experience, but brought me a lot of insight.

The experience is similar to the times when we encounter crisis in our lives. We often feel trapped, we get worried, we can’t see much ahead, we feel the need to get one over another and we just react to the situation at hand RIGHT NOW.

Both in floods, and in crisis, the best thing is to do everything in our power to overcome the fear and panic, and deliberately take carefully considered actions to get out of the situation.

When we panic, we can get ourselves in tougher situations than where we started in, and we endanger ourselves and others as well. When we take planned actions in the face of a crisis, we find the routes that bring us out of the predicament sooner.

Don’t panic, keep calm and move forward.