No frills


There is this great restaurant at BGC which I visited a few weeks back. The place featured authentic korean dishes at an affordable price.

The curious feature about the place is that it was a simple, outdoor place without any frills. It had less than 15 tables and really simple spoons and forks. There was no airconditioning and the area was merely a few square meters in size.

The food was great. In the middle of the Fort Strip where there are big restaurants and bars, this little place was winning it.

For restaurants, while image can bring people to the establishment, it is the food that the place will be remembered for.

The same thing is true in life. While the way you look can help you get a good impression, it is your character that people will remember for a long time.

We should be asking ourselves if the things we do for self-improvement is merely for our image or for truly improving our character.