One Goal, Different Ways



Are you this person: You know that you have a goal- goals have never been a problem for you. You’ve always known what you’ve wanted. You’ve been pursuing this goal relentlessly and passionately.

But still, the goal eludes you and the inability to achieve it bothers you deeply.

When caught in this kind of rut, remember a fundamental truth: goals have different ways to be achieved. Most of the time, there is not a solitary way to achieve that goal. In fact, most goals have several methods for them to be reached.

Imagine your goal as a destination that you can go to. There are several ways to get there: You can take shortcuts, or take the scenic, but longer, route. You can take a vehicle to get there faster, or walk, and save on gasoline. You can go over hurdles, or burrow underground. Whatever the place, there are so many ways to get there.

Do not get caught into the trap of believing that the way you are doing things is the only way to accomplish your task. Sometimes failure and frustration is beneficial if it teaches you to discard a certain method that is tiresome, for a method that will take you there faster or even make the reward bigger.

Now you no longer have to feel frustrated. Try out a different way.

-A Garlic Man