Perennial advantage


No matter what the advantages of others are, we always have a personal advantage: perseverance.

Perseverance is a decision, made beforehand, that quitting is not an option. If applied consistently, this decision can overcome insurmountable odds.

No kind of advantage can overpower the person who decides to stand up after every fall.

This advantage is available to all of us, yet not everybody uses it. Decide to use this advantage today.

Author: mxi

It speaks


The great thing about life is that the Universe speaks to us and tells us what we need to know.

Any decision we’ve made has an effect on us. This is how the Universe speaks. If the effects of the decision are not good, we have the opportunity to change and make a new decision.

We should maximize this great gift and listen to what the Universe tells us. If things are not going well, it might be time to let go of the past that is holding us back.

Listen to what the Universe says.


Want. Plan. Do.


After we want, we must plan. After we plan, we must do.

Beyond wanting something, we must plan for it. It is a waste of energy to want something deeply and not invest the same energy to planning for it. When we merely want, we just consume. When we plan, we invest.

Beyond planning for something, we must act. Many great ideas die after the planning stage. Don’t let that great idea die. To plan without acting is sowing seeds without harvesting. If we invest energy into planning, we might as well make it come into fruition. 

Want. Plan. Act. 


To plan with depth


To merely want is a waste of energy. If we truly want something beneficial to us, we must plan for it.

Meticulous planning is something we need to do. Many get stuck on step one of the plan because the plans were shallow or ill-conceived.

To plan with depth, we must identify the resources we need to achieve this target, and also map out the methods to get there.

Without accounting for the resources, we embark on the journey without supplies. When we do this, we do not get far.

Without mapping out the methods, we embark on the journey without a set of directions. On the first challenge, we find an excuse to stop.

Plan deeply by enumerating the needed resources and methods. By doing so, we ensure a greater chance of success.


5 years


To create a five-year plan for our lives could be one of the most effective ways towards growth.

We often feel caught up with the “current”: current problems, current issues, current fears. The “current” makes us forego the important task of planning. What we tend to forget is that the “current” is only temporary.
What is useful is that we set a trajectory towards what we want, and five years of projection would be ideal. It may be an unclear plan now, but to have a hazy plan is better than to have no plan at all.

When we do this, steps are revealed to us and new doors open. Plan who you will be, five years from now. Try this today.


Ambition is not a bad word


People often criticize the ambitious and frame ambition as a bad thing.

We must remember that ambition is the desire to elevate oneself. Ambition in its basic form is not bad.

What is negative is having an ambition, but not working for it. What is worse is having ambition and stepping on others to achieve it.

How ambition is manifested is ultimately the choice of the person with the ambition. Negative prejudice towards the ambition should not stifle anyones desire to achieve greater heights.

Find your ambition and act on it today.


Author: mxi



When we feel alone, when the odds are stacked against us, and we still choose to fight- that is Courage.

The circumstances that create the opportunity to choose courage is a gift. The choice of courage also has its own rewards. Its biggest reward is the confidence that, facing a large challenge, we will not automatically back down.

Author: mxi

No leaning on luck


Luck cannot be counted on as a foundation for long-term fulfillment.

What can be truly counted on are the power of planning, the understanding of cause-and-effect, and unrelenting action.

It may take years, yet success and fulfillment will always come to a person who uses these tools.

Analyze, plan and execute today.

Author: mxi

Find purpose


To have a purpose is not merely wanting something. To have a purpose is wanting something and going for it, taking each meticulous step towards it.

Most people stop at the wanting. They want something, then just hope that they will get it. It usually ends there.

Others take the initial steps towards completion. Some stop after a few steps because they do not see the results right away.

The ones who reach completion never stopped. They took the steps, even without quick rewards in sight. Their reward was the purpose: the faith that they were moving towards what they wanted.

Find purpose today.

Author: mxi

Start small, and keep it going


This week, make a change.

Even if it is just a small change, it is okay. As long as the change is sustained throughout this week.

Small changes are the foundation of big changes. Big changes eventually shape the future of your life.

Start small, and keep it going.