Happy independence life


To create more freedom, create more value.

The more value we create, the more we get our own needs met. Even if what we create is not directly what we need, we can exchange the value for something we need. After our needs and obligations are met, any excess value gives us even more options for growth. We can now rise to a higher level.

When we are able to produce enough value to get all our needs met (either personally or through a fair exchange in value), we are truly independent. Independence is a trait of the mature.

As individuals and as a nation, we should continue the daily struggle for independence.

Author: mxi

Start and keep going


Everybody was once a “newbie”.

Even the greatest people in our chosen field were once rookies. All the people we now look up to were once immature and inexperienced beginners. They were once afraid too.

This fact reminds us that we should be happy wherever we begin, because we can always reach their level through experience, focus and decisiveness.

Start where you are. All you have to do is start, and keep going.

Author: mxi

When people believe


When a person feels powerless, their effectiveness takes a beating. Victim mentality hijacks their decision-making ability and reduces their growth potential.

When people believe that they have a voice, and that they can direct their own lives, they begin to make better choices. They take proactive responsibility for their own actions and for the outcome of their lives.

It is the duty of the enlightened to create positive beliefs in others; and to create true opportunities. This is a way to develop society: by helping others increase their potential.

Author: mxi

Listen and learn


Life has a way of reminding us if we are going in the right direction.

When we are moving forward, it will reward us with tiny positive reinforcements, in the form of true progress. Some of these rewards may be obvious, others not so much.

When we are going in the wrong direction, it will remind us too. These lessons may be in the form of small imperceptible changes that take away blessings from us. If the small reminders are ignored, the lessons can come in the form of full-blown tragedies that shake us to the core.

Learn the lessons early. Do not wait until you have lost everything before you learn the lesson.

Life is talking to us. Be grateful. Listen and learn.


This is now


“How can I change tomorrow if I cant change today?

If I control myself, I control my destiny.

This is now.”

Today, I borrow the lyrics from the song This is Now, by one of my favorite metalcore bands, Hatebreed.

We must remember that the change we want to see in the world begins within us. And that our future is not the effect of the world around us, but the effect of the strength within us.

Change today, for tomorrow. This is NOW.

Author: mxi

A vision applied


A grand vision, when put in application constantly, will always yield great results.

A magnificent structure is first designed in the minds of its architects, then is carefully built for many years, before the final product is completed. Structures such as these often have the finest details already figured out, even before the first brick is laid.

Such is the same in our lives. As early as we can, with the power of our minds, we must craft the grand life that we want to achieve. We must design it with much detail as possible. As as we move along a timeline, we must relentlessly build this dream, and bring it into reality.

Design today, build daily, and see the results years from now.


Strength in solitude


True strength is found and created in solitude.

When one is alone with their own thoughts, without any external pressure or judgement, the decisions one privately makes defines the strength of a person. It is in these moments of decisions in solitude that character is formed. It is in moments like these that worlds are created, first in one’s mind, then in reality.

Today, be alone, and create some strength. Make a decision, and go for it.

Author: mxi

Background peace


It is vital to cultivate a background peace in our lives. After all the work, stress and pressures we undergo, we will always find a safe haven in our background peace. When we make this for ourselves, we can always go back to it when needed.

A true background peace is not something you are born with, not something easily acquired, and cannot be purchased. You cannot get this through force, violence and destructiveness. To create a true background peace takes many years of self-reflection and self-improvement.

Knowing that it takes time, it is better to start the journey now. The earlier we start, the earlier we get there.


Convert the struggle into habituation


The “struggle” ceases to be a struggle when it becomes a habit. When the pain you used to feel becomes “normal”, you no longer feel it.

In a way, this is how we break free from our comfort zones. When we take a challenge we are terrified of, lean into it and consistently face it, the pain goes away.

Soon, the habit takes hold of us. The former pain now shapes us into a better version of ourselves, and eventually we get rewarded with the pleasure of achievement. Our former struggle is now the path to our greatness.

Struggle leads to greatness, when we use the power of habit.

Author: mxi

Against the Herd


Please do not be a blind follower of the herd.

When herd mentality ensues in a group of people, you can see it when the followers echo the mindless rhetoric of their “leader”.

You cannot speak to the herd in terms of logic. They ones in the herd lose all sense of reason. All they do is follow thier “savior”, who will inevitably lead them to nowhere.

Do not fall into this trap. it causes you to lose your ability to think.

Think freely. Think deeply. Think. And then choose.