Powerful Patience


One of the most oft used slogans to make people feel better is “patience is a virtue”.

Sometimes, people use this slogan to justify a “bahala na” (“come what may”) attitude, or allow themselves to be drawn into a position where inaction is idealized.

The best way to use the slogan is to know that for patience to be powerful, you must first know where you want to go, and what the goal really is. And more than that, you must be resolute in accomplishing the things needed to make this dream a reality. You must never stop, and never be disheartened when things do not go your way. You must be confident that each step you take, whether big or small, is a move towards the direction where you eventually want to find yourself.

Let me suggest this new outlook: Patience is a virtue, when practised with planning and peaceful persistence.

-A Garlic Man