Proactive Living


Do you find yourself blaming others for your inability to become successful?

It’s always easier to blame other things for your failures. You can always blame other people for “not doing what they have to do”. You can blame your genetics for “not predetermining a path of success for you when you were born”. You can blame your circumstances and justify why you are not successful because- “success wasn’t meant to be.”

What is hard for people to believe, but is very apparent, is that success is created by the person who actually decides to be successful, and blames nobody for failure- not even themselves. Success is a function of the internal self, and is not created or hindered by external circumstances. The realization that you have the power to create your own success is being PROACTIVE.

Being proactive is understanding the power of cause (visualizations, beliefs, action) and effect (success, happiness, fulfillment). It is the understanding that “if I do this action, then it will equate to this effect.” Proactive people are responsible for their own success, and never seek to blame.

Understand the truth that being proactive is a necessary requisite for true success.

-A Garlic Man