Refreshing Energy


Once in a while, you may feel deflated. There will come times when you will feel that the weight of the world feels like a burden on your shoulders. There seems to be no escape, and the horizon seems so dark.

This is what depression does. It makes you feel choked and makes you believe that the world has no more options. You start to mistakenly believe that the only way out is through crestfallen self-pity and paralyzed inaction.

Never give in. Never surrender.

Remind yourself that self-pity is not real because you are a person who has done a lot in your life, and more challenges can be easily overcome.

Remind yourself that inaction is only the curse of the damned, and you are far from damned because as you are reading this, you will find a new and refreshing energy, causing you to pick yourself up, and try again.

Such is life, there is always another chance waiting for you. This too shall pass.

-A Garlic Man