Remember When by Lia Cruz


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Remember when these were the most precious things to us on earth?

Oil pastels. I used to collect them. Along with bottles and tubes of different colors and kinds of paint, rows of colored pencils with their tips obssessively sharpened, and the 64-piece box of crayons.

Over the weekend, Stevie and I made the rounds of bookstores and office/school supply shops to stock up on art supplies so we could both make our masterpieces. I used to paint and draw when I was a kid, but Stevie is by far the better artist between us when it comes to the sketchpad, canvas and easel. He paints and draws really, really well, although one time he drew me and I really think he needs to change his perspective, though. Behold, the drawing of me in his eyes:

He took it a step further and bought oil paint, brushes and a palette.

It’s downright strange to go through the motions of every day. The mechanical routine of it all numbs you and puts you in some sort of daze. Repeat it often enough (365 days? 5 years? A decade?) and you lose yourself in the robotics of it all.

Remember when…you were a child and everything around you was amazing? Everything elicited a sense of awe, and made you gasp and made you excited and made you want to see more, and see what the next day would bring.

Such is the temperament of the child and the artist, to always be able to find, if not beauty, inspiration in a subject, whatever the subject may be. To approach this world with a sense of awe, that’s our new goal. To be inspired.

We do think the sketchpads, paint and pastels will help.

Paint the horizon from the 30th floor, perhaps? 🙂

-Lia Cruz

Lia is a TV host, sports & lifestyle journalist and weather anchor, whose jobs require her to do something new, or go someplace new, practically every single day. Follow her on twitter at @liadcruz