Ripples in a pond


The courage to choose self-improvement has benefits that expand well beyond the person who chooses it.

A person who chooses to improve, and acts on that choice, will get a personal benefit. This choice will often bring them closer to their personal goals.

Aside from this obvious personal benefit, there is a more subtle, but greater effect that the choice has.

When one chooses to improve, and the others around them see the improvement,  the improved person inspires others. And sometimes, this inspiration will cause the others to harness their own courage to improve. This creates a chain reaction of inspiration and improvement that spreads out like ripples in a pond. These ripples may even have effects on generations to come.

Thus, ones simple act of self-improvement can actually have an impact on society. You never know how your simple act of courage can possibly inspire the next breakthrough in someone else.

Let us start today with a simple act of self-improvement. Let it be a favor we do for ourselves, and for all the people around us.