Rituals for Luck


Rituals for Luck

I am, by profession, in the field of sales and marketing.

Many sales persons have little “pamahiins” (rituals), when it comes to selling. One of the common ones that we see is the dabbing/rubbing of the money on the product.  When we buy something from a bazaar, the salesladies get the cash payment and dab/rub the cash on their other goods. This is done so that the previous sale would “infect” the other products to be sold. This may seem funny, but it is done all the time.

Another sales person I know wears a “special” bracelet that is based on his birthdate. This accessory allegedly attracts the proper energies to make a sale. Apparently, while you are wearing it and have its powers, this bracelet cannot be touched by others because the energy will wane. If it is touched, they have to bring it back to where they bought it to “energize” it again. Though it may be weird, the user swears by its efficacy.

Whatever floats their boat, the rituals are done to bring luck to the salesperson. I have nothing against these rituals. In fact, the rituals can be quite helpful if they get you psyched up into the proper sales mindset.

All I would like to say is that, in sales and in life, nothing beats the ritual of preparation as the harbinger of luck.

Luck is usually considered as good fortune coming your way. But like anything good, if you cannot see the “good” for what it is, can it have a positive effect on you? Or if you do see something “good” come your way, but do not know how to manage it, will it help you?

Preparation is a key ingredient for success in anything. Preparation is the precursor to identifying an opportunity, and “harvesting” this opportunity. Without the ritual of preparation, no matter how many opportunities come your way, you will not be able to recognize them or take advantage of them.

Luck is indeed the intersection of preparation and opportunity.  And preparation is a lifelong ritual.