Should you Really be Afraid?


Fear is a human emotion that should be treated with discretion. Why? This is an emotion that is sometimes useful but may well be very, very isolating.

Fear is useful when it prevents you from real, physical danger. This emotion becomes helpful when it tells you what situations to avoid that can specifically hurt you, maim you or cause lifelong suffering.

If the object of the fear cannot hurt you, maim you or cause lifelong suffering, fear becomes isolating. The isolation comes in effect when you use the emotion of fear to inflate a negative situation inside your head, causing you to retreat inside a figurative shell. It is akin to carving a menacing giant out of thin air and hiding from this imaginary giant.

This emotion becomes particularly disadvantageous in this situation because the fear causes you to underestimate your true capacity as a person.

I am sure that once in your life, you have feared something that didn’t turn out as bad as you imagined. Because of that situation, at that moment, you experienced an epiphany that taught you that most of your fears are, in fact, not real.

Remember that epiphany the next time that you feel that discomfort in your gut that reminds you of fear. As who you are at this moment in time, with this challenge that faces you: should you really be afraid?

-A Garlic Man