Stuck in a Habit


Without a greater self-awareness, we humans tend to be stuck in certain patterns of behavior. Some of them may be good, while others, bad. These are what we call our habits.

Look closely at the people around you whom you have been privileged to know well. Think deeply about someone close to you. Can you identify some of their habits? Do they act/react a certain predictable way to certain situations? Do they seem to have the same framework of problems over and over again? Do they have certain quirks, tics and mannerisms that they always repeat without their knowing?

If you found yourself smiling to the above paragraph, then you have proven to yourself the strength of habits.

Now ask yourself the same questions. What are your habits? What are the things that make you react a certain way, automatically? What are the problems you seem to face over and over again? What are the quirks, tics and mannerisms that you repeat, thay may not be helpful to you?

You see, habits are a very strong driver of the lives we lead. These are paths that our mind had once taken, that had previously proved beneficial to us, one way or the other. But now, some of these paths are already outdated, and need to be removed from our system.

We must have the maturity to realize that we are creatures stuck in bad habits. We must have the self awareness to enumerate and weed out these bad habits that limit our growth.

Success begins by completely eliminating our bad habits, one by one, and replacing them with habits that will reveal to us new versions of ourselves that can lead us closer to our true goals.

-A Garlic Man