There are days when you just feel swamped. These are the days when you have seemingly a million things you have to do, and another million things that you want to do, but you don’t have the time or the energy to do everything on your endless list of tasks.

When feeling like this, take a quick break. Focus on your goals, rationalize your approach, and begin to do things one by one.

The things you have to do are akin to a giant meal that you have to finish. And there is only one way to approach it, eat it one bite at a time.

In retrospect, days like this can be avoided. How?

During times that are a bit slow, you can start doing the things that are not urgent but important. These are the things that contribute to your growth, and your preparedness. Instead of using your free time on matters that will “entertain” you, use this luxury to prepare for hectic days.

Take care of your preparedness consistently, and you will never have to encounter days where you feel swamped and at the end of your rope.

Try this today.

-A Garlic Man