Your complete persona, where you stand right now, is the most comfortable place on Earth.

Your Thoughts, Beliefs, Predispositions and Reactions (lets call them your TBPRs) are the result of years and years of conditioning and training- whether you are aware of it or not.

Yet, these TBPRs are not necessarily the best set that you may possibly have. They seem right, because at this point in time, for what you have known from firsthand experience, these are the best and only set of choices you may take- given any situation.

Still, you do ask yourself: why have you not achieved the happiness, success or peace that you are looking for?

It is because your own TBPRs are stopping you. Your own “right” TBPRs are stopping you from achieving your missing happiness, success or peace.

Know that there is a huge spectrum of TBPRs available to you. What you have right now is not the single TBPR set that you will have your entire life. Your TBPRs may seem right because they are comfortable, but having rigid and unchanging TBPRs is the cause for repeated failure.

Once you set your goals (very specific goals)-and realign your own TBPRs to support these goals instead of defeat them, you will have begun the path to achieving a true fulfillment.

-A Garlic Man