The Bane of Magical Thinking


Magic tantalizes many, if not all, of us. What makes us enthralled is the way magic seems to defy nature. The tricks keep us in awe by showing us effects that are different from what we expect, based on the causes.

Unfortunately, away from the performance of these tricks, many people tend to adopt magical thinking. “Magical thinking” is wanting and hoping for a certain outcome without taking the actions to make it into reality. “Magical thinking” is ignoring the law of cause and effect. “Magical thinking” is the voice inside of you that tells you that merely wanting something is enough to make it true.

How many of us have hoped for something so badly, but never did anything about it, and ultimately ended up disappointed? How many of us have wanted an outcome so deeply, but just waited for it to happen, and ended up empty and dejected?

We must accept the power of cause and effect in our lives. As much as we hope that positive thinking is the way to be successful, it is only the first step. What truly influences reality is being a cause, a genesis, a moving force of true action that breaks all boundaries and generates new possibilities.

For when a man understands the power of cause and effect; chooses a clear goal; and embarks on the journey of being an unrelenting cause.. nothing can stop him/her from achieving the success that is truly deserved.

-A Garlic Man