The Expanding Ability


The pattern of thinking that a dream cannot be achieved because “we just can’t” is one of the most damaging thought patterns one may acquire throughout life.

Self-limiting patterns of behavior, if left unchecked, can lead to a lifetime of stunted growth and the repeated occurrence of failure and despondency.

Change your thought patterns! Take a look at a person you truly look up to. Someone who you want to emulate and to you is seemingly infallible. Do you think this person you look up to was born with the ability to do the things that they do? Do you think they were born with a complete set of abilities to dazzle the world with their awesome being?

Of course not. They were born without all the abilities that they have today. What they did was develop these abilities over time.

What is the thing you truly have in common with the person you look up to? Like him or her, you also have the capacity to develop abilities, through positive human effort, over time.

Know that saying “I can’t” is mostly a fallacy because you truly can, as long as you put your heart to it and do the work needed to grow your ability.

-A Garlic Man