The Free Drug


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Someone very important to me is a quiet achiever in her own right. She works in a company where productivity is measured on a month-to-month basis. There are months when the productivity output is not as good as she wants, and these are the times that she truly gets concerned about the quality of her work.

I really admire people like her. These are the people who are not just “coasting” through life, satisfied with average. These are the people who truly care about what value they deliver in their career and in life in general. These are the people who fight a silent enemy: mediocrity.

Mediocrity is a tempting concept. It beckons you to lie on a comfortable bed, tricking you to believing that average is enough. But if you stay in its clutches too long, mediocrity traps you in a cage of unfulfilled potential, often leading one to a life of regret. Mediocrity is like a drug, but is free and always available.

When we get comfortable being uncomfortable, mediocrity is slowly flushed out of our system. And when we do that consistently, we can expect greater things to come.