The Hard Places


I’m sure we have all heard of the saying: “stuck between a rock and a hard place.” There is no doubt that everyone wants to avoid this.

This is a place where one faced with multiple options. Unfortunately all these options are nasty and would involve a measure of pain. This is a place where, whatever decision you take, you will end up hurt.

Paradoxically, this is a place all too familiar for those who are on the top of life.

Faced with tough options, those who are on top do what is rare: they decide. They think about it, choose an option, recognize the shit that they will have to encounter, and follow through with it. They act and move toward their next tough decision.

They see these key clutch moments as moments where, crappy as it may be, there is much to be learned and there is much opportunity for growth.

Take note, the decisions that these people make aren’t always the right ones. They may choose something that takes them further from their ultimate goal. Despite the mistakes, the real power lies in the habit of choosing anyway.

This is different from others who fret, stall and end up paralyzed. These are those who do not choose, and therefore do not grow.

So now, lets all hang out between that rock and the hard place? Anyone? See you there.