The Offer of Escapism


Every moment of every day, you will be bombarded with attractive offers of opportunities for you to temporarily free yourself from the reality of your life.

These offers may come in the form of TV shows, food, vices, places to go, things to buy and so on and so forth.

As a human being replete with desires, it will be natural for you to deviate to one of these choices. It will be second nature for you to let loose and indulge in one of these offers.

There is no wrong in indulging oneself once in a while in one of these offers. In fact, it may be therapeutic to engage oneself in a different mental/emotional/physical state once in a while.

What becomes harmful is if when one overindulges in these opportunities and forgets the reality of one’s life. This is the time that this offer may lead you astray from your goals.

It will always be easier to watch that TV show, eat that unhealthy meal, take in that vice, and hang out with the group of people who make things feel seemingly great; but these are the little things that can make you forget where you want to go.

Indulge yourself once in a while but never, ever become a slave to escapism. Have that small dose of something easy and satisfying in the short run; but never make it your addiction and what defines your life. The things you deserve are a lot more than just that.

-A Garlic Man