The strength to stand up


Many of us are encountering massive pain and a major “crash” in our lives. These are life events where everything seems to have tumbled down, and the weight of the world bears down on us. These are predicaments that cannot be solved in an instant, and in many instances there is no apparent end in sight.

When this happens to us, we have one basic choice that will always be there: will we let the problem crush us, or will we rise?

There are countless of us who chose to rise. They absorbed the pain, and transformed the pain into productive and creative energy, that brought them out of the hole they were in. The rise was not easy, but after they did, they got to a higher level of development from where they started.

Today, if you are down, choose to rise. Your choice will save you, and your eventual success will inspire others to do the same. Believe.

Author: mxi