The weight does not get lighter, you get stronger


Anyone who engages in weight training for a long period of time, will feel progress.

They may start going to the gym with doubt in their mind. They will see the other people there, wondering if they can also reach the level of fitness of the other trainees.

After several consistent sessions, they slowly (but surely) start noticing that the weights become easier to lift. They can carry heavier weights, and with more repetitions.

What changed?

The weight doesn’t get lighter. You get stronger.

Weight training is a good metaphor for character growth. We all start with the feeling of doubt regarding our ability. We all have to start with small and light challenges before becoming adept at handling these. With diligence, our strength to carry the challenges increases, even if the actual weight stays the same.

With this understanding, we must take the initiative to carry life challenges with perseverance. It is the only way to grow and succeed.

Author: mxi