“Vehicles” by Peace and Mojos


“We use our vehicles to transport us from one place to another, to lessen our burdens from the things we carry, to protect us from danger, to give us comfort and ultimately make us at ease.

Our vehicles were invented and designed for these uses. Over time, the vehicles wear down and get broken. We fix and maintain them so they can continue serving its purpose. But sometimes, we knock them out, especially if not given proper treatment.

We are like God’s vehicles- we serve Him as it is our highest purpose in life. Though at times we get burned out, stressed, over used, tired; He gives us just enough fuel to go on with our journey. It is as though God drives and leads us to our exact destination.

We may get torn and broken at times. We may feel death in the middle of our existence. We may move fast or slow. We may race and we may lose. But at the end of this trip, we’ll know that fate has brought us to where we belong. And along that road, what matters most is that we’re always provided with good conditions. Just like a brand new car.”

-by Peace and Mojos