Wade through the BS


When was the last time that you felt that a day was just full of bullshit? Last week? Yesterday? This morning?

Bad driver cut you off on the street? Boss/teacher/parent giving you an angry scowl early in the morning? Train overflowing with people? Spouse/partner/loved one giving you a cold shoulder first thing? Dog ate your homework?

Think about it, if you are swimming in a pool of animal refuse, isn’t it possible that the person next to you is doing the same thing? If not now, isn’t it possible that that person will encounter this same feeling, sometime?

Truth is, there is a lot of BS to come around. It is found in the form of circumstances that are unfavorable to us.

What we can actually do about this is realize that: (1) everyone feels this way one time or another; (2) realize that the other people who are giving us bad treatment may be going through their own swampwalk as well; and (3) WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL ABOUT THIS.

When we begin to see that there are some things that we cannot change, we gain a peace and strength to see it through. When we see that there are things out of our reach for now, we develop our ability to be patient.

And I promise you, after you wade though that pool of bullshit and get yourself out, that’s when things get real and good. Hang on, yo.

(Whoa, this blog post suddenly took a 180, very fast. Have a great day!)